Will ‘Andor’ Decanonize ‘Star Wars Rebels’? This is what the showrunner says

There’s a lot of new Star Wars media coming up, which means more and more of the Star Wars timeline is being filled out. the acolyte establishing what the Sith looked like a century before the prequels of Ahsoka bridging the gap between the mandalorian and the sequel trilogy, it looks like we’ll soon have all the information we could want.

But there will surely be some overlap as the gaps are filled. Andorset five years earlier rogue onehas the potential to overwrite some of the fan-favorite series. rebels, covering a similar period of time. Fortunately, showrunner Tony Gilroy has thought about this problem.

In an interview with sfx magazineGilroy addressed fan concern about rebels potentially losing its canon status by pointing out that Star Wars has always had overlapping canons. From the previously official Star Wars Legends to the dubious canon of the Christmas special and other “official” works, there’s plenty of room for rebels to live in.

“Within Star Wars, within Wookieepedia, there have to be four or five levels of canon,” Gilroy said. “There is film canon, cartoon canon, fan-fiction canon and all these different things, and for the most important problems we deal with Pablo Hidalgo.”

Andor Lore Adviser Pablo Hidalgo on stage at Star Wars Celebration 2016. Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pablo Hidalgo is a Star Wars Lore Advisor, and yes, that’s his official job title. He is a member of the Lucasfilm Story Group, which is the think tank that decrees what is and is not canon in Star Wars. Gilroy, who is best known for writing the Bourne Trilogy, isn’t exactly the biggest Star Wars fan, so knowing someone was available to answer any canon questions is a comfort.

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In fact, Gilroy insisted that Andor it would not revert any existing part of the canon. He described Mon Mothma’s role in the series as an expanded role of how she cultivates her own rebellion, saying, “It’s not like we’re flipping canon or anything, we’ll just tell you that, wow, you had no idea what some people were really into.” on point, and maybe you don’t understand why she’s doing it all.”

Andor could overwrite rebels, but don’t lose sleep over it.lucasfilm

Gilroy is clearly taking Star Wars canon seriously, and the broader strokes of rebels it will remain intact even if some of the minor details may change. With Sabine Wren appearing on Ahsokawe may even see some familiar faces from the animated series making their live debut on Andor.

as different as Andor can feel so far away, it’s just another Star Wars series like all the others. Although the initial plot may seem isolated, it is just one chapter in a larger story and does not take precedence over anything else in the franchise. And even if some of the finer points of rebels become unofficial, that won’t change how much love the show gets from fans.

Andor premieres September 21, 2022 on Disney+.

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