Will there be a season 4 of ‘Orville’? How could the science fiction series return?

after three seasons spanning five years, the underdog sci-fi series the orville is at a crossroads. With the issuance of The Orville: New Horizons episode 10, “Future Unknown”, the real future of Captain Mercer and the gang is changing. Here’s why the season 3 finale of the orville It could very well be the last episode… and why there is still some hope for more.

As critics and fans have pointed out, most Orville’s third season, subtitled New Horizons, has been taken a bit more seriously than the previous two. Although the end of season 3 has some jokes, New Horizons it was essentially a soft reset of the entire show. While season 1 sold out the orville as a tribute to network television’s Star Trek with a humorous approach, at this point the orville it’s spiritually just another Star Trek show, albeit one that takes place in an alternate universe.

This is good and bad. Weather the orville has cultivated a huge following among Trek fans, it’s hard to imagine a viewer who isn’t interested in the Star Trek format among the orville. Unlike a real underdog sci-fi show (like, say, Pandora), the orville it’s content to exist as a parody of Star Trek that’s basically no longer a parody.

But that could change, and soon.

Seth MacFarlane, creator and star of The Orville.Hulu/Disney

Although the first two seasons of the orville broadcast on Fox, season 3 was exclusive to Hulu. Now, starting August 10, all three seasons of the orville It will air on Disney+.

As series creator Seth MacFarlane made clear at San Diego Comic-Con, the existence of Season 4 depends on how many people watch the show on Hulu and Disney+. “We do not know [if Season 4 will happen]and I don’t think we’ll know until this season is over,” MacFarlane said. “All we can say is, if as many people as possible watch the show, tell their friends, then, like anything else, we have a chance. “

For the orville In order to return after season 3, it seems like the show has to become popular on “reruns” on Disney+. Fittingly, that’s somewhat analogous to what happened with Star Trek: The Original Series in the 1970s. It was canceled after three seasons on NBC, but syndicated reruns gave star trek new life, which led to the revival of the franchise with the animated series in 1973 and star trek the movie in 1979.

That said, the science fiction landscape in the 1970s was much different from today. In 2022, countless sci-fi shows are fighting for attention. Could Disney+ be the boost? the orville need to jump into the mainstream? The future is unknown, but if you want to see more episodes, it wouldn’t hurt to spread the word.

The three seasons of the orville It will arrive on Disney+ on August 10, 2022.

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