Windows 11 better equipped than ever against viruses thanks to this new update

News hardware Windows 11 better equipped than ever against viruses thanks to this new update

Defender, the software designed to protect Windows computers from Web threats, has received an update for its Windows 11 version. Its antivirus section thus becomes more efficient.

Available within the Microsoft OS since 2006, Windows Defender first appeared with Windows XP as “anti-spyware” software. Over the course of updates, its functionalities have been expanded and the application has turned into a real antivirus with Windows 8. Today, many owners of a Windows machine no longer install third-party antivirus software on their machine, believing that Defender does its job well enough not to replace it with other software.

Windows Defender more efficient under Windows 11

This observation should be confirmed again under Windows 11. Indeed, Microsoft has just announced that its software, which also acts as a firewall, would become even more efficient in tracking down one of the most present threats currently on the Website: ransomware.

As a reminder, this type of malware usually starts with encrypt data on a computer’s hard drive, before displaying a ransom note to its user. The latter displays a tidy sum in cryptocurrency, and it is necessary to pay it to hope to recover access to files whose access is blocked by the ransomware. In 2021, France recorded a 32% increase in ransomware attacksthat is to say if the situation is serious.

Example of ransomware

Update rolling out this week

Windows Defender for Endpoint optimization is deployed this week on machines equipped with Windows 11. Indeed, it is part of the KB5016700 update of the operating system. Microsoft believes it has “Improved Microsoft Defender for Endpoint’s ability to identify and intercept ransomware and advanced attacks. »

Windows 11 upgrade adds more features:

  • Compression of files regardless of their size if you have configured SMB compression,
  • Improved storage replication that occurs over low-bandwidth or congested Wide Area Networks (WANs),
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Otherwise, it fixes many bugs :

  • Windows was displaying tablet mode functions for some devices that don’t have a touchscreen,
  • Some application windows had empty sections in the task view preview,
  • Error code is 0x80070026 while copying files,
  • Token leak in the LsapGetClientInfoEx,
  • sihost.exe is using a high amount of CPU,
  • Microsoft Edge became unresponsive when using IE mode.

You can wait for your computer to update automatically, or force upgrade from the operating system settings.

Learn more about Windows 11

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