Windows 11 update speeds up your gaming PC, sort of

An upcoming Windows 11 update could help speed up your gaming PC or laptop. The capture? Well, it’s actually Microsoft’s way of apologizing for slowing down your computer in the first place, as the patch fixes one of the operating system’s oldest performance issues.

The first major update to Windows 11 includes several improvements and fixes. However, it also focuses on the quirks of the operating system’s Shell Infrastructure Host, a tool responsible for handling things like the start menu and taskbar (via Windows Latest). Problems with the sihost.exe process can cause spikes in gaming CPU usage, which naturally hampers system performance.

The Windows 11 Shell infrastructure issue has plagued gaming laptops and PCs for a while now, and the impending KB5016700 update should show you the door. Windows Insiders will be among the first to test the fix, followed by a broader stable rollout in the coming months.

It’s hard to decide if Microsoft deserves praise for this particular performance fix, as it’s a bit like thanking the bull for sticking glasses in a China store. However, the patch is certainly welcome, especially if you are trying to increase fps on your Windows 11 machine.

Microsoft’s latest operating system is still up to date and Windows 11 22H2 will help improve the overall experience. Outstanding issues aside, the platform already comes with gaming PC perks like auto HDR and a fast Directstorage API, the latter of which pairs nicely with the best SSD for gaming options.

If you like convenience and familiarity, you might be hesitant to try the new OS, as you could soon lose legacy tools like Control Panel. That said, it seems like nothing really dies when it comes to Microsoft, as even Internet Explorer lurks inside Windows 11, despite being sent to the retirement home in June.

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