Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – All Classes, Ranked

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is an exciting multiplayer game where the player works with his teammates to complete the objectives. Such teamwork is primarily dictated through a choice of five classes: the Soldier, the Medic, the Engineer, the Field Ops, and the Covert Ops.

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With only five classes to choose from, many players will assume that they are all relatively similar and that it doesn’t matter. However, it is quite the opposite. Choose the right class Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is often the difference between success and failure, so selecting the right one is vital. That said, some classes are much better than others.

5 Soldier

Choosing the right class for the player in this often challenging multiplayer game requires more than simply finding the best selection for the target. Every player will undoubtedly have a different style of play, so it’s worth trying out each class and understanding the player’s style, how they prefer to win a battle, and what kind of fight they intend to take on the enemy.

However, after the player has gotten through the early stages of the game and considers himself a bit more experienced, it would not be uncommon to see him move away from the Soldier class. The Soldier is good, deals good damage and is versatile in his weaponry, but he has a few other perks to make him stand out. Due to the lack of anything particularly special, the Soldier class is a good choice for beginners, but not a great one once you’ve mastered the game.

4 covert operations

If the Soldier class is for people who haven’t fully mastered the game yet, then the Covert Ops class is for those who have. His unique style sets him apart from the other classes, which can be wonderful or terrible for the player. It all depends on how you prefer to play. Wolfenstein: enemy territory.

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The Covert Ops class is almost the rogue of the game. They are stealthy, cunning, and require a lot of knowledge and decent skill in both infiltration and sniping. If this is an ability that players possess, then they can have a lot of fun pretending to be the enemy as they sneak onto their side of the map and silently backstab them. Or try shooting the enemy from an extremely long distance while safely sitting in an elevated position. It’s just a tough class to get used to and definitely not for beginners.

3 Medical

When it comes to the battlefield of wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, every team needs a way to heal. Medics are vital in any battle game like this and that is no exception for this class. Someone has to do it and if they do it right, the team can win the objective.

Essentially, the Medic class will rarely fight during the game. Instead, they will run to and from players as they fall, healing them in an instant or jumping between players to help them restock their precious ammo when they need it. All these activities will end up giving the Medic a well deserved and abundant experience. It’s a great way to play if players want a break from fighting and more medics are never a bad thing.

two Engineer

Usually going into an objective based fighting game like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory There are four types of players. Snipers calling themselves tacticians, chaos players, healers, and objective players. If being a combination of the chaos player and the target player is the desired effect when engaging the enemy, then the Engineer should be the desired class. It’s great for dealing explosive damage with lots of grenades and the ability to simply cover the map with grenades, dynamite, or mines whenever the player wants.

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The engineer is great at disarming or building explosives on the battlefield and can use his wits and skills to complete the objective with style, speed, and some explosions and kills. It’s the access to these explosives and some useful weapons that make this a fantastically versatile class that anyone will enjoy.

1 field operations

The Field Ops class feels like what would happen when the game combines three classes together. He seems like the jack of all trades, but still the master of every role players can embody on the battlefield of Wolfenstein: enemy territory.

This is mainly due to ammo distribution (like the Medic), using explosives (like the Engineer), and having powerful weapons (like the Soldier). No matter what the player decides he wants to do with this class, it’s usually possible. In fact, it is actually more powerful than is possible; Field Ops often feel stronger than other classes while doing the same abilities. If players want variety, power, and the skill set to try out all other classes, then the Field Ops class is the way to go.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is now available for PC.

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