Women In Games France presents its Legend(e)s web documentary!

Game News Women In Games France presents its Legend(e)s web documentary!

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The Women In Games France (WIG) incubator accompanies players to enable them to integrate the sports scene of their favorite game. This year, WIG France followed Salty Viki and Noxtra through their journey. Here is Legend(e)s, the documentary of their eventful season.

Diversity is one of the most important topics in esports today and tomorrow. More and more women are interested in competing in their favorite games, and some are gradually integrating these largely male-dominated esports scenes. To help with this integration and guide talented players to achieve their dream and make a career in this environment, the association Women In Games France created its own incubator, I-WIGin partnership with MasterCard and Societe Generale. This incubator offers a certain number of selected players individual support including coaching, professional advice, participation in tournaments and tryouts in semi-professional teams in order to immerse themselves in the competitive environment.

Ultimately, the objective of this incubator is simple: that the incubated have the chance to join pro or semi-pro teams at the end of their course.

Talent incubation lasts 8 months and offers, in addition to 20 hours of individual coaching per month, the chance to meet industry professionals during masterclasses or meetings organized by WIG.

Thanks to partnerships with MasterCarda premier partner of League of Legends global esports events, and Societe Generalethe major sponsor of the professional team Gamers Originincubated players have the chance to experience exceptional encounters with professional teams and major personalities in the field.

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This year, two players were followed by the WIG incubator: Velouria “Salty Viki“Baty and Oriana”Noxtra” Marchal. The two players have been supported by WIG since last August, and the association took the opportunity to create a documentary on their journey and the stages they have taken throughout the year.

In this documentary, released on June 16, we discover the encounters that the two players had the chance to make during their adventure within the incubator. In particular, they traveled to Berlin, the birthplace of the LEC, to meet the professional team of G2 Esports, as well as Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere, the famous host of the European league, and arguably one of the most influential women in sports.

The players were also able to take advantage of the premises and facilities of GamersOrigin to train, as well as the experience of their coaches: Etienne “Steve“Michaels for NoxtraManual “JDG” Soares for Salty Viki.

The documentary shows the participation of the two players in various competitions, particularly the Lyon Esport 2021played online from the premises of GamersOrigin.

This kind of content makes it possible to convey the values ​​of diversity and to show that the field of possibilities can open up for everyone in a very masculine environment – Servane Fischer, Head of Esport at Women In Games France

Feedback about the experience of both players has been overwhelmingly positive. Sebastien de Cagnythe advertising manager of Societe Generalehopes “that this inspiring initiative will arouse many vocations and that it will contribute to the development of women’s esports in France, to advance diversity in the world of e-gaming”, while Brice van de WalleManaging Director of France Mastercard believes that “by investing in the pioneers of the game and supporting inspiring role models, we are helping to develop sustainable programs for young girls and women around the world to apply for”

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During the 2022 season, Salty Viki had the chance to integrate Grobill Reborna team from Mastercard Nexus Tower ridden by several veterans of the game, such as Krakmo, Wydz or Cold. With her new team, the player participated in all stages of the Mastercard Nexus Towerin particular to the Gamers Assembly 2022 when she found Noxtra who was she playing for Pixel Warriors.

Noxtra for his part does not seem to have found a team for the Mastercard Nexus Tower, but continues to train alone. The two players come out of the incubator with the firm ambition of wanting to continue on this path. Salty Viki emphasizes the fact that the support of Women In Games France came at a crucial moment in her life, and that she now wants more than ever to work in this environment, whether as a player or not. Noxtra would like to see more women on the esports scene, and hopes that with these different examples, young girls who would like to get into these circles decide to take the plunge and try their luck.

If this documentary has inspired you, and you want to join the incubator, Women In Games France announced the launch of season 4 of its incubator I-WIG ! Find all the necessary information on the website of Women In Games France.

If you want to follow the adventures of Salty Viki and many other French amateurs wishing to find a place in esports, meet for the last stage of the Mastercard Nexus Toweron July 30 and 31, on the Twitch channel MGG.

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