Word of mouth for a sleeper horror movie is projected to top ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

Warner Bros.

Perhaps the most tragic thing about continuing do not worry honey The drama is that despite the world’s great attention, the box office estimates are not very good.

Vulture I recently thoroughly researched the movie, its release and its prospects and surprise, nothing is looking good. In fact, another movie set to be released next week is bucking the trends. DWD. Usually, the foreshadowing of a movie will increase as the release gets closer. That was not the case with do not worry honeyas ticket sales stabilized.

Paramount’s terrifying supernatural movie Smilethat doesn’t even open until September 30, he anticipated do not worry honey in the critical box office “conscience unassisted” metric. Smile scored a 13 against 12 to do not worry honeywhich is not good for your chances.

There are plenty of other issues at play as well, including the fact that star Chris Pine canceled an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week. She, too, did not attend the film’s New York premiere, as did her co-star Florence Pugh.

Smile It is based on a short film called Laura has not sleptand stars Sosie Bacon and Jessie T. Usher, two actors who don’t have nearly the name recognition that the stars of do not worry honey has in its cast. The plot involves a doctor who witnesses a traumatic accident and begins to see terrible things everywhere. He looks kind of awesome. Check out the trailer below:

The fact that a horror movie with more unknown stars is in fashion before do not worry honey talk about some things. EITHER do not worry honey Isn’t it such an interesting movie and everyone knows it, or are people just tired of all the drama? Anyway, do not worry honey it’s in theaters now.

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