World of Warcraft should adopt the Overwatch 2 roadmap

One of the biggest problems facing online games is the scarcity of content. Sometimes players will complete content faster than developers can, or resources will be pulled to focus on larger projects. Supervision suffered a content drought as the studio focused on surveillance 2Y world of warcraft It also faces this issue on a regular basis as players have to wait months between major patches. This issue is not unique to Blizzard games, as many online titles like final fantasy 14 also be accused of lack of content.


surveillance 2 hopes to fix this issue by introducing a nine-week content roadmap. This will keep the game fresh and introduce a constant stream of content for players to peruse. Blizzard’s other big online title, world of warcraft, you can also benefit from a system like this. While the game doesn’t have to stop producing large-scale updates and expansions, the developer may want to consider releasing smaller updates alongside them on a more regular basis. if it works for surveillance 2it would only make sense to adopt something similar for Wow.

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Overwatch 2 roadmap explained

When surveillance 2 launches, it will adopt a free-to-play model. With this new model, Blizzard will also introduce new maps, heroes, skins, and a battle pass every nine weeks. While it remains to be seen if this new model will be successful, it’s good to see that Blizzard seems committed to providing a constant stream of content.

This new live service model is in line with the content schedules of many other live service titles. Fortnite it’s one of the best games on the market right now, and it’s constantly getting new content through seasonal updates. apex legends it also receives seasonal updates that bring with it a full set of content for players to check out. Even Obligations has adopted this seasonal model for its titles, including both war zone and the main titles. This seasonal pattern is what most live service games are targeting, and surveillance 2 it is the next title to adopt it.

World of Warcraft could benefit from a similar model

world of warcraft it also receives large-scale updates every year, however these updates can be quite scattered and players often accuse the game of suffering from severe content droughts. Shadowlands received two major content updates that added a lot of content for players to work on, but each patch came out a year apart. While these patches give players something to play with, they are too far apart for players to constantly return. The best way around this would be to adopt a similar live service model for surveillance 2.

the world of warcraft patches are usually quite large and add a decent amount of content. There is usually a new max level zone and multiple quest lines along with a new raid and dungeons. Between these patches, there’s usually a smaller patch that fixes issues with the previous update and adds a bit more content, but players tend to chew through this stuff quickly.

surveillance 2 you will receive new content every nine weeks, and world of warcraft I should do something similar. This content may come in the form of new cosmetics, quest lines, some events, and maybe even a character race or two when Blizzard has something ready. Right now, much of this content is usually reserved for the big patches or new expansion updates, but Blizzard should release some randomly during an expansion’s runtime. The studio has introduced many features that allow for faster forms of content, such as allied races and microvacation, but has yet to use them to their full potential.

Weather world of warcraft you don’t need a new patch every nine weeks, you could benefit from small patches being released frequently alongside the major ones. Even adding a quest here or there would go a long way toward giving players a reason to come back. Dragonflight is the studio’s chance to remake the way it makes content, and hopefully it does exactly that.

world of warcraft is now available for PC.

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