WoW Classic PvP players will not be punished for declining XP

WoW Classic PvP players who choose not to earn XP from player-vs-player combat on World of Warcraft Battlegrounds will no longer be placed in a separate player pool in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. This change is likely to be very welcome news for a segment of the MMORPG player base, who prefer to avoid experience gains because they want to compete on a specific locked level.

As described in a blue post from developer Pazorax on the WoW Classic forum, “The ability to earn PvP experience was originally added to encourage people who enjoy PvP to play Battlegrounds as part of their leveling experience.” . However, the team realized that this change caused problems for a particular set of players.

PvP communities have formed around certain levels in WoW PvP, often because players especially enjoy the balance at a particular level, or because it reminds them of an experience they had when they first played. One particular example cited in the post is ‘level 19 Warsong Gulch’ – unsurprisingly, this involves a subset of players competing with highly optimized level 19 character builds.

Therefore, an option has been implemented to allow players to decline XP gains awarded in PvP matches. However, this introduced its own problem. “Originally, it was decided that these two groups should not play the same matches against each other,” explains Pazorax, “but the result of this decision was that neither group had enough players to find matches, defeating the point of both systems. ”

As a result, players of the same level will now be matchmade again in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, regardless of whether they have experience gains enabled or disabled. This could make life a bit more difficult for those just looking to gain some experience by playing casual Battleground matches, only to run into level-locked veteran players with builds optimized for that particular level. However, Pazorax points out that “it is more fun to play a game with people of unequal abilities than not being able to play at all”.

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If you’re looking for alternatives to earn XP through PvP battlegrounds in the fantasy game, check out our WoW Classic leveling guide for more tips. Meanwhile, modern WoW has a new patch that allows players to earn gold while AFK in Shadowlands. A preview of the WoW Dragonflight dungeons has shown eight locations for the upcoming expansion. However, it looks like we won’t be getting a World of Warcraft mobile MMO planned, after the plans are shelved.

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