Xbox: a new option for the Cloud that will delight PC gamers!

Game News Xbox: a new option for the Cloud that will delight PC gamers!

xCloud is definitely a service of the future for Microsoft. Microsoft’s all-digital service will soon doubt a new feature that should satisfy all mouse-keyboard lovers…

Head in the clouds

The Xbox Game Pass has clearly been Microsoft’s number one weapon for some time and to help this vision grow, the Redmond firm is supporting itself with highly prized technologies. Among those, we can easily cite xCloud, the company’s cloud gaming service which now has several million users.

To put it simply, the principle is simply play games provided by Xbox through a catalog (for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers only) without any console at hand and only through the web. It is therefore possible to play from your phone or tablet wherever you are, but also from a web browser.

Shortly, all Samsung televisions will also be compatible: in other words, the more time passes, the less the possession of an Xbox will be taxed to play video games. Which greatly expands Microsoft’s reach, you can imagine.

Keyboards and mice coming soon

So it’s official: the American giant is about to add PC and mouse compatibility to xCloud, which will also mean a real improvement in latency. To do this, software engineer Morgan Brown invites developers to add this compatibility now to their video games. This should first concern the cloud on PC (via browser for example).

Xbox has had keyboard and mouse support for a few years now, and we’re working on adding it to streaming for PC users. But you can start making your game compatible now, and your console’s keyboard and mouse users will thank you. Everything will be streaming as soon as we finish adding the feature to our service.

As saying that Microsoft may score a few extra points

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