Xbox Series X: a white version seen, an announcement soon?

News hardware Xbox Series X: a white version seen, an announcement soon?

For the moment, we cannot say that we are awash in collectors’ editions and for good reason: getting a PS5 or an Xbox Series X is already problematic enough as it is. And yet, it could be that Microsoft has a new variant of its most powerful machine in stock.

white or nothing

We know: Microsoft is pretty good at building collectors’ editions of its consoles or its controllers. The Xbox One has come in a bunch of awesomely finished variants and when it comes to the Xbox Series, you occasionally see unique editions in collaboration with franchises, like Far Cry or, most recently from Top Gun. But alas, difficult for the public to get their hands on a Series X other than black.

And yet, the shooting could be corrected soon. Logitech’s new ad features an all-white Xbox Series X in its background : a color that obviously did not go unnoticed by the community, which hastened to share the visual on the web.

Simple custom edition or real variant?

Of course, we have to ask ourselves the question: is this a real leakannouncing before the hour the marketing of a white Xbox Series X, or an edition repainted by Logitech to stick to the artistic direction of advertising?

For the moment, we are without a concrete answer but we remind you that the Elite Series 2 controller was recently unveiled, which sports a white and black coating in addition to specific features. The opportunity to offer a Series X in a similar tone would be relevant, especially when we know that the PS5 already sells many facades of all colors. Would multicolor war be declared?

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Xbox Series X: a white version seen, an announcement soon?

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