Xbox: this exclusive which includes twice as many paintings as the Louvre

Game News Xbox: this exclusive which includes twice as many paintings as the Louvre

As Dusk Falls is a narrative game that has just been released on the market, with the particularity of mixing paintings and 3D models. Imagine that the developers did not skimp on the means with an impressive number of images painted for the occasion.

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If As Dusk Falls means something to you, it’s most certainly because the game made a bit of noise during the last Summer Game Fest and also because it was released a few days ago on PC and Xbox: it’s a narrative title where the player navigates between dialogue options and decisive choices, obviously with multiple possible branches and different endings.

Caroline Marchal, founder of the INTERIOR/NIGHT studio

A formula that we are beginning to know wellhere concocted by the fresh London studio INTERIOR/NIGHT, created in 2016 by Caroline Marchal. The latter was notably a designer at Quantic Dream on titles like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. In short, As Dusk Falls is finally out – it is also available on the Game Pass, if ever – and turns out to be rather successful, as we told you in our test.

Its great originality is undoubtedly its artistic direction since the title mixes kinds of animated paintings with certain elements of the 3D decor, for an animation that is definitely off the beaten track. And these images have clearly been one of the centers of concern for the studio, which spoke about it during an interview with The Loadout.

Xbox: this exclusive which includes twice as many paintings as the Louvre Xbox: this exclusive which includes twice as many paintings as the Louvre

15,000 paintings in As Dusk Falls!

It was the artistic director of the firm, Mike Bambury, who returned to the choice of having paintings and not traditional 3D cutscenes. First of all, iYou should know that all the scenes were indeed played face-to-face by actors, which served as a working basis for the developers.

We realized early on how important facial expressions are to providing a very dense set of varied emotions, because these are very mature storylines, with a lot of depth and a lot of choice. We decided early on that we wanted to use live-action filming, because the actors were doing just these amazing facial expressions.

He then outbidsr the amount of work done to manage to make each emotion a paintinga real work of titan and all the more so for an independent studio.

This very real look of the characters and this credo of “every picture should be a painting”, it’s a simplistic art style that we wanted to do, but it was a lot of work. It was crazy. We have made over 15,000 of these paintings. If we had known when we started… I mean, who does that, honestly?

Little amusing comparison pointed out by The Loadout: more than 15,000 paintings is more than twice as much as what is on display at the Louvre in Paris. Fortunately, each of them took less time than Leonardo Da Vinci and the developers have come up with a special process from the start, before going further without “going crazy”.

We remind you that As Dusk Falls is available on Xbox and PC and in particular through the Xbox Game Pass. The game can be played in local or online cooperation, using a controller, a keyboard or even a telephone thanks to the dedicated application.

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