Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – All Secret Area Locations

Warning: This guide contains spoilers for Xenoblade Chronicles 3!

secret areas in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are hard to find locations that require extensive exploration and the use of your various traversal abilities to reach. As a reward for searching and finding all these areas, you will get some nice XP.

To help you find all the secret areas in the game, we’ve put together this quick guide that shows you the locations of each and every one. Where applicable, we’ve noted the exact traversal abilities you may need, and of course you’ll also need to have progressed to a point in the story where you can access the part of the world map we’ve shown for each. .

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – All Secret Area Locations

Etia Region

Transcendent Retreat

fuchsia fields

Fornis Region

Distant finger tip

You will need to have unlocked the Wall Climbing Traversal Skill to get to this vertiginous place.

the blue cliffs


Serratus Spring

Forerunner’s Tower

you will need the Wall Climbing Traversal Skill For this one.

Pentelas Region

Spring of Cotte

you need the Traversal skills to climb walls and slide down ropes to get to this.

Hidden fresh water inlet

Keves Castle Region

holy cap

you will need to have the Rope sliding transverse ability here.

Great Tower Sky Garden

To get here, as shown in the second image below, take the elevator from ground floor.

Cadensia Region

radial perspective

timeless elegance

This article is part of our Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthroughs and Guides series. We’ll help you survive your travels through Aionios with information you’ll need to get the most out of the game, such as How to Unlock Traversal Skills (Wall Climbing, Rope Sliding, Rock Walking, Hazard Neutralization), How to Unlock and Upgrade All Heroes and classes, how to get affinity and XP rewards from Collectopaedia cards, how to complete the ‘Uniting The Seven Nopon’ quest, and how to unlock the Nopon Coin Xchange.

We’ll also tell you where to find every resting place location, all unique monster locations and every Ferronis Hulk location, plus all food recipes, effects and where to find them, and tips on whether you should play previous Xenoblade games. Chronicles. before starting XC3 before giving you 16 top tips and tricks for the game.

And lastly, you can check out our review and Where to Buy Xenoblade Chronicles on Nintendo Switch, if for some reason you haven’t picked up the game yet.

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