Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Amiibo Adds A Classic Weapon

During a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct, Nintendo confirms that using the Shulk amiibo with the game will allow the use of a classic weapon.

It’s not uncommon to see newer games in a franchise that reference its past. A developer may want to give longtime fans something to get excited about, like when Atlus added the person 3 Y 4 protagonists as secret boss fights in Person 5 Royal. Developer Monolith Soft also plans to give a lot of time Xenoblade Chronicles fans a familiar weapon.

xenoblade chronicles 3 was first shown to the world at the end of a Nintendo Direct in February of this year. The game was originally scheduled to release in September, but for unknown reasons, it was moved to an earlier release slot. Through a recent xenoblade chronicles 3 Direct, Monolith Soft has provided the public with new information about the upcoming game.


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Presented during the closing act of the xenoblade chronicles 3 Direct was the announcement that xenoblade chronicles 3 will have amiibo support. This will allow players to scan any of these figures for useful items that they can use. Scanning the Shulk amiibo specifically will allow players to wield the Monado right out of the box. Xenoblade Chronicles by using new protagonist Noah’s swordsman class.

While unknown at this point, some fans have begun to speculate if the inclusion of Shulk’s Monado could mean other classic weapons will be added. The discussion specifically centers around the Aegis sword, the main weapon of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 the protagonist Rex and his partner Pyra.

Xenoblade Chronicles has made a habit of featuring classic content from its older titles. More recent xenoblade chronicles 2 not only did he bring back Shulk and Xenoblade ChroniclesX character Elma but, also KOS-MOS from the previous Monolith Soft series, xenosaga. This could be why some fans are debating the possibility of others. Xenoblade characters or weapons that appear beyond the Monado. While Monado is currently limited to just Noah’s sword fighter class, Monolith Soft may decide to add weapons for popular non-sword wielding characters, such as Sharla’s rifle for the healer class.

Since Pyra and her counterpart Mythra will be receiving their own amiibo due to their inclusion in super Smash Bros Ultimate, Monolith Soft may very well include one or both swords as amiibo-specific content. Seeing the return of the iconic Monado is likely to be something long-time fans of the series will enjoy. Although we don’t know if any other weapons will return to xenoblade chronicles 3fans won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the game.

xenoblade chronicles 3 releases July 29, 2022 on Nintendo Switch

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