Xenoblade Chronicles 3 breaks into Japan quadrupling in sales to the second best-selling game

Monolith Soft’s JRPG opens in the Japanese physical market with more than 112,000 copies sold.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 had not yet entered the top sales of last week corresponding to the Japanese market, but it is clear that the title of Monolith Soft for Nintendo Switch wants to be one of the most popular this year. In addition to being a success in digital sales, it seems to be doing very well in the physical market as well.

The second best seller is Digimon SurviveThis week’s sales data compiled by Famitsu and shared by Gematsu leaves us with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has sold over 112,000 copies upon its release in Japanvery large figures considering that it is an exclusive Switch title and that only physical units are counted.

In addition, the difference with respect to the second classified is abysmal. It is Digimon Survive, with the version also for the hybrid console, which occupies the second position, but it does so with only 28,536 units. We leave you below the weekly top 10 of Japan, with the corresponding sales figures.

Best sellers of the week in Japan

  1. [NSW] Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – 112,728 (New)
  2. [NSW] Digimon Survive – 28,536 (New)
  3. [NSW] Nintendo Switch Sports – 24,966 (623,493)
  4. [NSW] Monster Hunter Rise + Sunset – 17,209 (217,472)
  5. [NSW] LIVE A LIVE – 14,098 (85,235)
  6. [PS5] Gran Turismo 7 – 12,453 (139,888)
  7. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 11,542 (4,745,609)
  8. [NSW] Kirby and the Forgotten Land – 11,201 (823,909)
  9. [NSW] Tengoku Struggle: Strayside – 10,912 (New)
  10. [NSW] Minecraft – 9873 (2,727,866)
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As for the hardware, what are we going to say. Nintendo Switch continues to dominate the Japanese market with an iron fist, having sold in the last week a total of 73,238 consoleswith the majority of sales being of the OLED model, followed by the normal and Switch Lite.

Switch and the OLED model dominate hardware salesPlayStation 5 has had a commercial boost compared to other previous periods and has placed nearly 40,000 units between the model with a reader and the digital one, while its new generation direct competition, Xbox Series X and Series S, add up to just under 9,000 consoles sold in the last seven days in Japanese territory.

Best selling consoles of the week

  1. Nintendo Switch OLED – 42,355 (2,097,719)
  2. PlayStation 5 – 36,237 (1,548,670)
  3. Nintendo Switch – 20,489 (18,547,427)
  4. Nintendo Switch Lite – 10,394 (4,827,025)
  5. Xbox Series X – 7093 (134,893)
  6. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 3099 (255,311)
  7. Xbox Series S – 1895 (148,132)
  8. New 2DS LL (includes 2DS) – 87 (1,187,961)
  9. PlayStation 4–14 (7,819,783)

Outside of Japan we’ve seen weekly data from other territories also point to similar success for Monolith’s JRPG. For example, in the United Kingdom it is already the best launch of the saga in commercial terms, and the truth is that it does not surprise us: we leave you our analysis of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 so that you can see why we liked it so much.

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