Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Climb Walls

Jumping can only take you so far in xenoblade chronicles 3. As you progress through the seven chapters of the JRPG, you’ll encounter areas you can’t access by jumping or traversing alone. These special sections require unique abilities that you learn from heroes along the way. One of those abilities is the ability to scale walls.

Please note that this does not mean that you can climb every wall you encounter xenoblade chronicles 3 — you won’t suddenly turn into Spider-Man. Instead, you’ll be able to climb through predetermined sections within environments to reach new locations, containers, shells, and hidden items. Some of these areas include special traversal ability combos, meaning there’s some backtracking involved if you want to explore every nook and cranny in Aionios.

East Chronicle of Xenoblade 3 The guide will tell you where you get the ability to climb walls and what surfaces to watch out for.

How to unlock wall climbing

The ability to climb walls is unlocked during the early parts of Chapter 3, about 10 hours after the game’s campaign. You will eventually come to an area called Ribbi Flats. Follow the current search path by holding ZL and pressing Y if you haven’t already. As you progress, you’ll ascend to a place called Caitlin Drum before discovering the Elsie’s Spout waypoint. Soon after, you will meet a hero named Valdi.

Without spoiling too much, Valdi offers you a new hero quest: The Kind Right Hand, which will take a bit of time to complete. Continue with the story and you will unlock the ability to scale when you finish The Kind Right Hand.

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how to climb walls

After finishing The Kind Right Hand and adding the War Medic class to your lineup, follow the story path again. You’ll return to the cliffs at Elsie’s Spout where you first met Valdi, and you’ll need to climb up the tall cliff face to continue.

To climb, look for walls covered in purple vines. Simply approach them and press forward on the left stick. As you do with the stairs, you will go up them automatically. You can also jump from them by pressing B and turn towards them to go down faster. If any type of wall, natural or manufactured, does not have these purple vines, you cannot climb it.

Advice: Climbing spots are indicated on your area map as mountaineering ice axes, helping you identify areas to explore.

And that’s it for how to climb walls on xenoblade chronicles 3. Unlike other abilities, this one is automatically equipped to all characters once it is unlocked. As you progress through the story, you’ll gain access to more traversal abilities that give you more ways to explore this gigantic world. For more tips, check out our guide on how to zoom out and see Aionio in first person.

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