Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Releases New Trailer During Nintendo Direct

Nintendo fans have been eager to hear about a Nintendo Direct event coming in June, following similar PlayStation and Xbox events. The announcement of a xenoblade chronicles 3The Nintendo Direct focused on last week took many by surprise, but it was understood given that it is one of the biggest upcoming Switch exclusives. The Nintendo Direct has come and gone ever since, delivering a variety of new information on xenoblade chronicles 3The upcoming release of includes an exciting new story trailer.


The three and a half minute trailer for xenoblade chronicles 3 focuses completely on the characters and narrative of the action RPG. As such, it’s completely cinematic, with no gameplay showing. However, it covers a lot of ground, featuring a council of mysterious masked villains, soldiers from two countries at war, and hints at themes of what it means to be alive and the fight to do so. xenoblade chronicles 3 it’s a massive game, so this is just a glimpse, but it’s compelling nonetheless.

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In the opening of the trailer, there is a strange sequence in a large movie theater. A council of armed individuals, each named by a single letter, discuss their efforts in battle. Then another figure appears, one with glowing purple energy cracked all over the skin on her face. The rest of the council then disappear one by one, as if the entire scene is a hologram. It is unclear who these armored figures are. They could be the leaders of one side of the war effort, or they could be a third party with an obscure investment in the war. They could even be characters returning from Xenobladeis past.

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After the council disappears, the main cast of xenoblade chronicles 3 it shows. These characters are “non-seers”, soldiers with a lifespan of only 10 years created exclusively for battle. On the one hand, the protagonists Noah, Lanz and Eunie represent the mechanical nation of Keves. On the other hand, Mio, Taion and Sena represent the magical forces of Agnus. The trailer shows moments from both sides, as well as moments where they interact together.

What is clear from the glimpses shown of the seers is that xenoblade chronicles 3 It will have a lot of tragedy. They are not only the protagonists of xenoblade chronicles 3 in war, where they face death battle after battle, but have a very limited life expectancy. Mio also mentions “extending” her life at the expense of another’s, hinting at some very worrying scenarios.

In addition to sharing more information about xenoblade chronicles 3The Nintendo Direct story also included details about the game’s upcoming retail release. There are plans for a xenoblade chronicles 3 expansion pass, for example, which will offer post-launch story content for the action RPG. There will also be amiibo support for xenoblade chronicles 3, allowing Shulk amiibo owners to wield the Monado in the new game. Expect more details closer to launch.

xenoblade chronicles 3 launches July 29 on Switch.

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