Xiaomi electric scooters: without warning, Fnac lowers the price of the most beautiful models

News good plan Xiaomi electric scooters: without warning, Fnac lowers the price of the most beautiful models

Fnac is currently offering slashed prices on everything that directly or indirectly affects mobility at Xiaomi. And that’s good, when the price of gasoline ignites, it may be wise to turn to means of transport such as electric scooters or electric bicycles. With the special Xiaomi Fan Festival promotion, you will be able to save money on this investment.

Scooters have been very popular in recent years. But since 2020 and above all, since the rise in fuel prices, it has become a real fad. Indeed, everyone wants their electric scooter, their electric bike. But, given the plethoric choice and the prices charged, you can quickly find yourself put off. This is why it can be interesting to look into this kind of operation like the Xiaomi Fan Festival in order to take advantage of advantageous prices.


  • Special Xiaomi promotion at Fnac: electric scooters at a bargain price!
  • Electric scooters, electric bicycles: the solution against rising fuel prices?
  • Special promotion for Xiaomi electric scooters: models on sale at Fnac

Fnac has decided to set up a very special operation. The latter is centered around the Xiaomi brand and the products it offers in the field of urban mobility. Scooters and electric bikes thus benefit from great reductions that will delight all those looking for alternatives to the car while avoiding public transport.

Take advantage of the Xiaomi Fan Festival promotions at Fnac

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that has managed to find a place in the world of high-tech industry, starting with the design of applications for devices using the Android operating system.

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The company then turned to smartphones and managed to take large market shares in this sector. Recognized around the world for its cheap and affordable smartphones, Xiaomi then set out to diversify its activities.

Now, we find the brand in many areas, including connected objects. Thus, you can completely adopt an entire ecosystem signed Xiaomi. Connected watches and bracelets, electric bicycles and scooters, PC screens, smart TVs, smartphones of course, and many other things make up the galaxy that Xiaomi has become.

Electric scooters, electric bicycles: the solution against rising fuel prices?

Electric scooters, electric bicycles, all these new means of transport are now legion on our streets. It must be said that with them, it is possible to combine both driving speed and handling flexibility.

With an electric scooter, moving on the road, you will always have more flexibility than a 750cm3 motorcycle or a car.

But above all, you will avoid the rise in the price of fuel which makes the famous liquid more and more inaccessible. Due to the current international situation, the war in Ukraine has unfortunately increased the price of crude. This, as a consequence, also increased the price of fuel.

The use of the car is becoming more and more expensive. And with the general trend of pedestrianizing town centers and large cities, there is an increasing chance that your everyday car will sleep longer and longer in its garage.

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And if you can’t stand the crowded buses or the overcrowded metros (a brave hello to those who take line 13 in Paris), the electric bike or the electric scooter can be viable solutions that will allow you to cope calmly with urban traffic.

However, we strongly recommend that you use these means of transport with the necessary equipment (helmets, gloves, etc.) as well as in the places provided for this purpose.

Of all the models presented, there are some that stand out. There are no less than four scooters and a bicycle here, and all of them are electric. We have grouped them for you below in a small selection that takes advantage of this Xiaomi Fan Festival.

Take advantage of the Xiaomi Fan Festival promotions at Fnac

Xiaomi’s foldable electric bike loses €400

Achieving both the practicality of the bike format and the liveliness of the scooter, this foldable bike has the luxury of being more electric. Based on the same battery as Tesla, this Xiaomi folding bike has a range of 45km and can follow you to your office.

Folding, it is based on the push-pull system to fold and unfold easily. Having a motor power of 250W, you can completely manage this power according to your needs and the pedal assistance you expect.

Losing £400, this foldable bike is currently on offer for less than £600!

Buy the Xiaomi foldable bike at 599€ at Fnac

The low price from Xiaomi: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential

All in simplicity and efficiency, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Essential electric scooter can boast of having succeeded in combining affordable price and essential features. For less than 330€, you will be able to enjoy 20km of autonomy with a motor power of 250W.

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In addition to that, it weighs only 12kg, it is foldable. This means that she will be able to follow you to the office or when you come home. And that, for less than 330€!

Buy the Xiaomi Essential electric scooter at 329€ at Fnac

Less than €500 for the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 with bonuses on the side

Fnac is making a hell of an effort on this electric scooter. Indeed, in addition to the reduction, Fnac offers you the padlock and an additional wheel. And it is to know that we are in front of a scooter all the same powerful. Displaying 300W in output power and a range of 30km, you will be able to use it for each of your daily journeys. In addition, with its 8.3-inch tires, your journeys will be pleasant, whether on asphalt or cobblestones. All for under $500.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 scooter at 499€ at Fnac

The most powerful: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3

Displaying 600W on the meter, this electric scooter is particularly powerful. Able to climb 16% hills, we can say that it can take you everywhere. On top of that, with its 8.3-inch wheels, you can move comfortably on all the roads in France and Navarre. Its foldable aspect means that you can fold and unfold it in two steps, three movements. Everything is available for less than 400€!

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 at 399€ at Fnac

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