You can now call EA to complain about Madden NFL 23 ratings

Now that the Madden NFL 23 player ratings have been announced, the natural next step is for people to complain about them. This year, EA Sports offers fans a new way to make their voices heard.

What EA is calling the “Madden NFL Ratings Hotline” is now open. Anyone, fans and NFL stars alike, can call in for the chance to speak with a Madden ratings adjuster to share their two cents. Someone might answer the phone, but if not, fans can leave a message to send their feedback.

The number is 689-278-3030. When we tried to call, the call went straight to voicemail, with a notice from ratings adjuster Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson directing us to leave a message explaining why EA should consider changing a player’s rating on the game.

Madden NFL Ratings Hotline is Officially Open

“Those fans who connect with real evidence and a well-thought-out case could see their favorite player’s rating change,” EA said.

Keep in mind that this is a marketing campaign designed to help increase interest and awareness of Madden NFL 23. It’s fun and silly, but presumably, as usual, a player’s in-game rating will rise or fall somewhat. more consistent based on their performance on the field.

EA and the NFL released a video to promote the hotline. Watch the video above to see NFL stars Micah Parsons, Derwin James, Kyle Pitts and D’Andre Swift talking to Johnson about the dial-up show.

Madden NFL 23 launches on August 19 with none other than the late John Madden on the cover. For more information, see GameSpot’s Madden NFL 23 pre-order guide.

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