You need to play the funniest music game ever made ASAP

What is about the sound of a detuned trombone being so absurdly funny? I have no idea, but Trombone Champion prove that this is absolutely true. A fun new rhythm game from developer Holy Wow, Trombone Champ has you play as a trombonist playing the music. Featuring famous classical songs like Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, this game shines for one reason: you can play none note at any time, leading to some of the funniest moments I’ve ever experienced in a video game, all thanks to the horrible sound of misplaying. Beyond its humorous premise, Trombone Champion is an expertly crafted music game that will challenge even the most skilled players. Getting it right is a challenge, but getting it wrong is even more fun.

It’s better if you’re bad at it.

It’s actually less entertaining to watch someone play Trombone Champ well.holy wow

Similar to Guitar Hero Y Rock band, Trombone Champion It throws a stream of notes at you and it’s your job to hit them at the right time. But playing the notes accurately is a tricky challenge that takes a lot of practice to master. Unlike traditional music games that cut out when you miss or hit a wrong note, Trombone Champion it actually allows you to hear what you played even if it’s wrong. It’s as if the developers have discovered a great secret for a serious sub-genre that makes it infinitely better.

You have to play each note precisely and hold it down for just the right amount of time or it will sound completely out of tune. And you will probably hit the wrong notes most of the time, at least at first. The worse you play, the more you will punish the rating. Play a note perfectly and you’ll get a “Perfect” grade, but if you play completely wrong, you’ll get an “Unpleasant” grade.

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There is no right or wrong here, just the simple comedy of Perfect vs. Nasty.

Even beyond the humor of hitting a nasty note, the game’s avatars resemble Nintendo’s charming nightmarish Miis. Seeing them shake each other destroying classic songs will always be fun. There’s even a breath control mechanic where your character turns red when he can’t breathe. It’s about musical performance, yes, but they’re also fighting for their lives.

More than a joke… above all

There is a solid music game hidden below the laughs, which makes Trombone Champ even more impressive.holy wow

Trombone Champion It’s more than a silly joke. Its smartest design choice is to reward bad players with a laugh, while those who learn to master the mechanics can chase high scores and get the satisfaction of playing songs correctly. In other words, it’s a game that almost anyone, even non-gamers, can pick up and enjoy with very little hassle or commitment.

interesting enough, Trombone Champion it actually has an element of realism in some respects. For example, you can navigate across the vertical line on the left side of the screen, and where you are on the line corresponds to the pitch of the note. So you can go all the way down and play a note to hear the thud of the trombone, or go all the way up to make a screeching sound, with everything in between.

This gives players the option to freestyle, which is sure to lead to a riot of laughter.

Trombone Champion it stands out because it doesn’t depend on your finishing to hit your target. Sure, humor is what draws players in, but the fact that your game is so well designed gives you an edge.

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Holy Wow knows exactly what he is doing with this game. Everything from its design to marketing has led to its sudden success. Known as the “world’s first trombone-based rhythm music game,” you are instructed to “honk, blow, and tap” the game’s tracks.

It’s easily one of the best catchphrases for a game ever written.

Trombone Champion it’s currently available on PC via Steam for $15. While that might seem a bit pricey for a silly game, it’s less expensive than a trip to the movies and offers countless hours of entertainment, especially if you’re not that good at it. The best way to play is to get a group of friends together to take turns killing songs until your sides hurt too much from laughing.

You may not learn to be the best trombone in the world playing Trombone Championbut this game will probably make you cry with laughter, which is for the best.

Trombone Champ is now available on Steam.

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