You should restart your Android mobile every day: it could be the reason why it is running slow!

We believe that our phones are beautiful and timeless, but this good habit solves many problems.

You’re on the subway, quietly watching the latest documentary that hooked you, and it turns out that your Android mobile starts to give you the tabarra: Internet stops working, it’s slow, it starts to complain a lot… And surely do you happen to restart it, what yes? Then it might have occurred to you earlier. Effectively, one reboot a day it takes away a lot of nonsense, and even the best phones on the market need to take a breather.

There are plenty of reasons why an Android starts having problems or crashes, and while it might seem like it’s old or that there is some hardware issue that is bothering you, it is possibly some app or background process that not working as it should. Oh, and although it may seem that closing the apps quickly from time to time will solve the problem, this is not the case…

Over time, Google has been giving us tools to clearly see what applications they have. permission to operate at any time (like that Happn you have open fire because you think a relationship will fill the void you feel) or which ones are banned for life. The point is that for everything to work well, the applications have to be developed to work properly on android version that you have on your device.

Even if you don’t know it, surely you have installed several that are not up to date…and they never will be, unfortunately. Normally it doesn’t have to be a problem, and that’s why usually everything will go smoothly, but sometimes these applications will start to suffer from what is known as “memory loss” (memory leak in English). This means they will be eating resources like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet until the system is unable to continue.

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And, beware, this is not the fault of the developers! The Android ecosystem is like this: open, varied. It is inevitable that having tens of thousands of models, incompatibilities and mismatches between versions will occur. That’s why it’s so important to reboot. It allows all processes and applications in the back room to start from scratch and without errors. Other tasks carried out are relocate VRAM for graphics managementit deletes the pseudo-file system used to control the hardware and resets the wireless antennas.

Restarting the phone will free it from files and unnecessary temporary data, and also the RAM memory occupied by those rogue applications that are so annoying. You know those tools that claim to “clean and boost” your phone? Nothing a reboot isn’t already capable of doing. Another thing, of course, is that you find exactly which app is making your life miserable. If you are clear, uninstall it and look for an alternative – if you can.

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