YouTuber builds a massive Xbox Series X console, and it really works

2020 Xbox Cooler Reveal Inspires YouTuber To Build A Massive Xbox Series X Console With The Help Of 3D Printing, And It Really Works.

Since Xbox revealed the xbox series x fridge In 2020, many Xbox fans have speculated whether Microsoft might have gone all out to make a playable Xbox Series X the same size as the fridge. One YouTube content creator has done just that, as he has built a massive Xbox Series X playable console that has been donated to the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

YouTuber Michael Pick posted a video of his creation of a giant playable Xbox Series X console on June 20, complete with instructions on how a dedicated Xbox fan could do the same thing at home. Part of the inspiration for Michael Pick’s DIY project was the Xbox Series X cooler that Xbox gave away during a next-gen console launch contest, which he noticed was missing some details. Since then, Xbox fans can buy their own Xbox. mini-fridge, but Michael Pick wasn’t content to stay there.


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Because Michael Pick’s Xbox Series X creation stands at six and a half feet, the giant frame comfortably houses an actual Xbox Series X console inside an easily opened drawer on the back of the unit. A 3D-printed bracket holds the Xbox Series X console in place, while strategically placed servo motors in the frame send input signals from the oversized Xbox Series X to the smaller console inside, causing it to respond to any command. like a normal Xbox would. This means the giant Xbox power button powers the console inside like an arcade machine, while the Xbox Series X disc drive works as it should by accepting inserted discs and quickly firing them once the power button is pressed. expulsion.

Beyond creating flat vents near the top of his massive Xbox Series X, Michael Pick has special 3D printed vents for the top that are curved just like on the actual Xbox Series X console. Lamenting that the Xbox Mini Fridge and its large counterpart lacked the proper inputs, Michael Pick also precisely designed and 3D printed giant USB, HDMI, and LAN ports that fit into corresponding slots on the back of his custom unit that match the where they would be. an Xbox Series X. The power button used by Michael Pick was made in a way to remain transparent so that the light can shine through once the giant Xbox is turned on, with a white shade below the Xbox symbol and a green light that is emitted from the top. of the high creation.

While many YouTube viewers who responded to Michael Pick’s massive playable Xbox Series X applauded the machine’s functionality, others celebrated its arrival at the Atlanta YMCA. Michael Pick received a Guinness World Record for the largest Xbox console in the world for creating this working Xbox Series X, something that many of the comments express enthusiasm for. Some YouTube viewers were also quick to point out that the Xbox refrigerator may have let Michael Pick down when it didn’t work like an Xbox, but Xbox may not have recognized the creator of the content if it wasn’t for his 6.5-foot playable Xbox Series X. .

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