Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 could do more with Link’s Armor of the Wild

Nintendo’s Hylian hero Link is most recognizable in a green robe and matching pointed hat. It’s the outfit he wears when he starts out. The legend of Zelda on the NES and future titles, including The wake of the wind Y twilight princess spend time showing off their respective heroes getting the iconic look. sword to the sky, which acts as an origin story of sorts, had Link receive the green robe upon graduation from Skyloft Knights Academy. Nevertheless, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild he shook things up with the blue Champion Robe.


breath of the wild It was a big difference compared to the previous one. Zelda games, putting an emphasis on open-world exploration and the freedom to approach combat as desired rather than a predictable gauntlet of dungeon crawling. So it made sense for Link to get a new look to match his more unique backstory as part of a larger team. A traditional green robe appears throughout Armor of the Wild, but this optional late-game item has questionable canonicity that breath of the wild 2 must address.

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Outfit changes throughout Zelda history

Although Link may be best known for wearing green, even with crosses like soul calibur 2there are costume changes in almost every Zelda play. The original NES title allowed players to upgrade Link with blue and red robes by collecting damage-reducing rings. That green, blue, and red color motif has become defining for the franchise through items like the Pendants of Virtue in A link to the pastor the three golden goddesses – Farore, Nayru and Din – further defined in ocarina of time.

ocarina of time it also provided Link with access to Goron’s red and Zora’s blue robes, which allow him to survive the volcanic heat of Death Mountain and breathe underwater, respectively. Later games like twilight princess he continued the trend through outfits like Zora Armor and (one could argue) Magic Armor. The wake of the wind introduced Magic Armor as a spell coating that made Link invincible, but twilight princess turned him into literal gold armor with red highlights. The Twilight Hero would also be invincible as long as he was wearing Magic Armor as long as he had Rupees; otherwise, he overwhelmed him.

It’s hard to talk about outfit changes in Zelda games without looking multiplayer approach triple Force Heroes, released on 3DS in 2015. The game’s main gimmick allowed three friends to complete objective-based levels on the same engine as A Link Between Worldsbut Heroes of the Tri ForceThe theme was based on fashion. Players bring rare materials to Madame Couture in exchange for a variety of costumes, ranging from practical pieces like a parka that removed ice physics to silly gear like a cheerleader outfit that increases the gear’s energy gauge. Lots of references sneaked into this game as well, from a Hammer Bro to a block. Minecraft-inspired look

Breath of the Wild Armor System

As for cosmetics, breath of the wild is closer to Heroes of the Tri Force than any other game in the franchise. Link wakes up from his 100-year hibernation in the Shrine of Resurrection wearing nothing but underwear, and it’s up to players to gather resources or overcome outfit-unlocking challenges in Hyrule. Almost every outfit offers a different benefit, from the Snowquill set that protects from cold weather to the Climbing Gear that reduces energy consumption. Truly dedicated players can find sets like the Barbarian Armor by completing Shrines, and almost every set can be dyed at Hateno Village.

The Champion’s Robe is just a chest piece, obtained from Impa after retrieving some of Link’s memories. It has a high max defense and allows players to see how much health their opponents have, though its real value is in building lore. This blue robe bears the crest of the royal family of Hyrule, and Princess Zelda and the four Champions of Hyrule wear the same fabric in different configurations. These characters only appear in flashbacks throughout breath of the wildbut they have more prominent roles in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

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Where does the armor of the wild fit?

Because breath of the wild achieved such blockbuster status, the champion’s robe has also appeared in numerous crossovers, from Nintendo’s own games like mario kart 8 deluxe Y Super Smash Bros Ultimate to Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and those of capcom Monster Hunter Ultimate Generations. However, the great reward breath of the wild players can work on Armor of the Wild, which emulates the NES’s muted key art Zelda game and can be dyed a variety of colors.

Wilderness Armor is the closest thing to a completion reward in breath of the wild, unlocked by going to the giant Goddess Statue in the Forgotten Temple after beating all 120 Shrines. Upgrading this set at Great Fairy Fountains will unlock the “Master Sword Beam Up” trait. It is clearly intended to be Master Sword’s true companion, with in-game text referencing its use by other heroes of old, and Armor of the Wild appears as an alternate costume in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

With that being said, fans are wondering if the armor set will play a role in breath of the wild 2. One could argue that Armor of the Wild is unlikely to be considered a “canon” acquisition for Link given breath of the wildThe open nature of allows players to go directly to Hyrule Castle. However, the marketing for this upcoming sequel shows Link wielding the Master Sword, which was also technically optional. Multiple pieces of gear like Link’s Hylian Shield are also changing due to dubious canon items from the original game, but this armor is a particularly interesting case.

breath of the wild 2The E3 2019 trailer shows Link traveling with Zelda in his blue champion robes. Almost all future images show him running around Hyrule in a new, lighter outfit with his right arm exposed. It appears that Link is reverting to a more traditional color scheme as the green clothing covers his left shoulder, so Nintendo may reveal a connection to Armor of the Wild. Perhaps Link cobbled together his new outfit with the classic hero outfit after his champion’s robe was affected by the malicious energy under Hyrule Castle. Fans will just have to wait and see.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 spring 2023 releases for Nintendo Switch.

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